Thieves' Guild

Valentine's Journal - 1

Dear journal,

It has now been precisely 5 years since The Injustice.

5 is, of course, the number of change according to the old elven superstition, and this being the 5th month of the old dwarven calendar, this is clearly a time of some significance.

It was fitting then, that this anniversary brought with it a new venture, a new opportunity and new people to untangle.

This came in the form of a new cleaning engagement. A classic, in fact: a ragtag band, a friend’s betrayal, an unfortunate body. Summoned from the Hole in the Wall, we disguised their chief villain as a guard, collected the deceased and brought it to a temple known by a curious little member of the band.

The temple was one known to me, I had read of it in a book and knew it in my bones. They ensured the right rites were done and the body was disposed of in a fashion the law would be happy to know about. The next of kin, A woman most renowned in her field, was notified and arrived.

The curious little one was intrigued by the patterns of Istus’ cradle. Does this mean my fate is already in sync with theirs?

We retired for the evening.

Coincidences and portents seen today: three pigeons strutting on a signpost of Thrice Fouled Street. A rock not native to the city in an alleyway near none of the gates. A cart whose wheels squeaked in perfect time to an ancient funeral chant to Pellor.

I am intrigued to see where this new knotty situation takes me. We are meeting tomorrow with A courteous lady to discuss things further.



dhmstark websterpoet

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