Luca Adessi

On the mark


Race: Human (variant rules)

Class: Ranger 3 (Hunter Archetype)/ Rogue 1

Background: Criminal (enforcer)

STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 16 (3)
CON: 12 (1)
WIS: 14 (2)
INT: 8 (-1)
CHR: 14 (2)

Hit dice: 3d10, 1d8
Max HP: 31

Skill: Stealth, Deception, Intimidation, Perception, Survival, Insight, History(/local) , Investigation
Armour: Light armour, Medium armour, Shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, Martial weapons
Tool: Thieves Tools, Cards, Dice

Crossbow Expertise

Common, Dwarven, Thieves Cant

Backpack (30pounds) x2
Set of Dice
Set of Playing Cards
10 pitons
10 torches
Hooded Lantern
Bag of Ball Bearings (1000) x2
Bag of 20 Caltrops x2
10 days rations
50ft hempen rope
Block and Tackle
Old, rusted city watch armour
Crowbar x2
Dark common clothes inc. hood
Hand crossbow (1d6 pierce, 3lb, rng 30/120, light, loading)
Heavy crossbow (1d10 pierce, 18lb, rng 100/400, heavy, loading, two-handed)
54 Bolts
Studded Leather Armour (12+DEX)
Short Sword x2 (1d6 pierce, finesse, light)

110g 5s and change

Criminal contact: Prominent figurehead of the dock workers and sailors. Gambling/drinking acquaintance and occasional trader of information. Nalia Falcone, Fairweather Trading
Sneak Attack – 1d6
Expertise –
Weapon Mastery: Archery – +2 to hit with ranged weapons
Primevil Awareness – 1min per spell level, sense the following within 1 mile (6 in favoured): aberations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, undead
Colossus Slayer – extra 1d8 damage if target is below maximum hp (once per turn)

Favoured enemies:
Humanoids (Human, Dwarf)

Favoured terrain:
Sewers/thieves network

Known Spells:
Cure Wounds (1st)
Hunter’s Mark (1st)
Hail of Thorns (1st)

Spell Slots:
3 first level



  • Be good to the Guild and the Guild will be good to you. Mess with the Guild and I’ll mess with your innards.
  • Half the reward is the satisfaction of a job done right (but take my fair share and I’ll crowbar it out of you)
  • If you’re in, you’re in. Don’t care much for high and mighty dreams, but I’ll always usually have my mate’s back.


  • If you’re not in, you’re out. And if you’re out, don’t care much who you are: you’re fair game.
  • I like a good fight as much as the next one, but I like living too. There are precious few things I’d really risk my life for and most of them are me myself and I


  • The second and only surviving child of a dockworker and a seamstress (No, really, an actual seamstress.).
  • Started working for the Thieves Guild at the age of 11 to pay off his mothers debts, Luca has never really known anything else. Graduating from picking pockets and playing on the sympathies of strangers, he usually works as a doorman, general enforcer or guide through Catarina’s sprawling undercity but has been known to dabble in short term cons and fleecing the gambling scene.
  • Positive relationship with the Thieves Guild. Barring the ‘incident’ with the dwarves Luca has proven loyal, broadly sensible and reliable (at least in comparison to certain others…). Good help can be hard to come by.
  • Negative relationship with two dwarvern families. Interrupted a ‘stag do’/cultural tradition due to a misunderstanding (despite, technically, doing his job…) that resulted in the dissolution of a profitable marriage arrangement. One way or another, that embarrassment won’t happen again…
  • Negative relationship with a Guard Captain, Arturo Favero. Childhood friend who used to work well with Luca (BWIM: was very good at pointedly not being anywhere near) until he got name-dropped as an alibi for a big heist which put an end to his rapid rise through the ranks and grounded him with unrewarding grunt work for the next few years.
  • Ran a small gambling con for a while with ’Cici as the attractive drapee. Ended after she got bored.
  • Tutor/sponsor/leash for Screech following the dwarvern incident to get him off the front of house. Definitely not a punishment of course, just a temporary reassignment ’til it all blows over.

Luca Adessi

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