Braenna Steelpick

Bright-eyed dwarven scholar


Name: Braenna Steelpick

Race: Hill Dwarf
Character Level: 5
Classes: Rogue 1/ Cleric (Knowledge Domain) 1/ Bard 3 (College of Lore)
Deity: Dugmaren Brightmantle
Background: Sage

STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHR: 14

Hit dice: 5d8
Max HP: 38

Proficiency Bonus: 3

Armour: Light, Medium
Weapons: Shield, Simple, Battleaxe, Warhammer, Hand Crossbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword
Tool: Thieves Tools, Lyre
Skill: Arcana* (INT), Deception (CHR), Insight* (WIS), Investigation (INT), History* (INT), Medicine (WIS), Nature (INT), Perception* (WIS), Performance (CHR), Persuasion* (CHR), Religion* (INT), Stealth (DEX)
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence


Common, Dwarvish, Elven, Thieves Cant, Gnomish, Primordial, [One More],

32gp, 7sp, 7cp

Chain Shirt – 13+DEX (max +2)
Warhammer – 1d8 Bludgeoning, Versatile (1d10)
Shield – +2AC
Common Clothes, Robes
Thieves Tools, Lyre (Instrument), Healers Kit, Component Pouch
Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Waterskin, Tinderbox, 10 Candles, Quil, Bottle of Black Ink, 10 pages of Parchment, Sealing Wax, Tankard, Chalk, Small Knife

Darkvision 60ft
Dwarvern Resiliance – advantage on saving throws vs poison, resistance against poison damage
Researcher: If I do not know information, I often know where or from whom it can be obtained.
Expertise (rogue) (Perception, Insight)
Expertise (bard) (Arcana, Persuasion)
Blessings of Knowledge (Religion, History)
Sneak Attack (1d6)
Bardic Inspiration (d6)
Song of Rest (d6)
Jack of All Trades (half prof bonus rounded down = 1)
Cutting Words

Spell Slots:
1st level: 4
2nd level: 3

Known Spells:
Cleric (Uses WIS)
Sacred Flames

Spells (WIS+ClrLvl):
Healing Word (1st)
Lesser Restoraton (2nd)
Prayer of Healing (2nd)

Bard (Uses CHR)
Minor illusion
Vicious Mockery

Dissonant Whispers (1st)
Faerie Fire (1st)
Sleep (1st)
Thunderwave (1st)
Silence (2nd)
Suggestion (2nd)




  • If we want to change our fate we needs to use our wits not our fists
  • A dwarf can stand as tall as any man or elf if only they’d raise their heads
  • The stones of the past must build a road to the future, not sit and gather moss by the wayside. Even the oldest mountains cannot stand unchanged by the passage of time.


  • Doesn’t like telling outright lies, she prefers half-truths or #exactwords
  • Can be overly defensive of others questioning her path or her skills
  • Conversely, very critical of her own failings


  • 4th generation dwarvern immigrant to Catarina, has never known anything but the city’s streets. Growing up in Catarina taught her hard practicality and bitter lessons that sat starkly at odds with her parents teachings.
  • Rebelled against the idea that her great great grandfather’s grandfather should be telling her how to live when he’d be dead 5 minutes after stepping out the door in Catarina. (Not that he would, of course, step out the door. That would mean going above ground.)
  • Believes in change through the betterment of self, knowledge and progress rather than throwing out the old traditions altogether. Being a Catarinan dwarf, but still being a dwarf.
  • Almost entirely self-taught.
  • Sees herself as something of an aspiring community leader.
  • Popular with some of the younger dwarves (and indeed non-dwarves) but equally at odds with others. Opinions of her tend to be fairly polarised, but she doesn’t go out of her way to rile up those that don’t share her views. Usually.
  • Often works in [dwarf themed pub] to earn her keep

Braenna Steelpick

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