Character Generation


  • Level 1 characters.
  • Ability Scores: Standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or point buy (PHB pg.13). No rolling.
  • Only content from PHB allowed without GM permission and a good reason.
  • Variant Human and Feats are allowed.
  • Elves are nobility in this world. If you choose to be an Elf, you should probably take the Noble background unless you have a good reason not to.
  • Custom backgrounds (PHB pg. 125) allowed, though I’d like to see them so I can figure out how they fit into the game world.


  • Characters should have some link or aspect of shared backstory with at least two other members of the party. A simple way of doing this is to have each player define a relationship their character has with one other who does not already have two connections. Talk to other players about this.
  • Characters should have some link or aspect of shared backstory with at least two organisations in the game world – one positive association, one negative. You are not necessarily limited to organisations detailed on this wiki – this is an opportunity to have some creative input to the worldbuilding.
  • Ideals/Bonds/Flaws are encouraged as a way to think about your characterisation, but aren’t strictly necessary. If you do detail them, it will be easier to award you Inspiration.
  • We’re not going to be tracking weight or ammunition super strictly unless you want to do the bookkeeping yourself, but don’t take the piss. If you feel like you might be running low on arrows, buy or make more. Buy a pack mule or hire porters if you want to cart around heavy loads. We will be using the lifestyle rules though.
  • Monsters may or may not have stats that match those given in the Monster Manual #notallgoblins

Character Generation

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