Miriel Narcissa "Cici" diCantucci

Charming, flirtatious clothes-obsessed grifter


Race: Half-elf
Class: Bard (3)/Rogue (1)
Background: Charlatan

Allegiance: The Theatre Guild
Enemy: Part of the Dockers Guild that run the underground Pit Fighting ring
Target: Elgerianor Noble House (father’s house)

Hit Die: d8 (L4 = 21 + 5 + 1 = 27) (L3 = 21)
Armour Class: 11+2 =13

CHA 15 + 2 = 17 (+ 3)
CON 13 = 13 (+ 1)
DEX 14 + 1 = 15 (+ 2)
INT 10 = 10 (+ 0)
STR 8 = 8 (- 1)
WIS 12 + 1 = 13 (+ 1)

Saving Throws

Skill Proficiencies (proficiency bonus = 2)
Deception (CHA) +Expertise (double proficiency)
Sleight of Hand (DEX) +Expertise (double proficiency)
Persuasion (CHA) +Expertise (double proficiency)
Insight (WIS)
Performance (CHA) +Expertise (double proficiency)
Perception (WIS)
Stealth (DEX)
Acrobatics (DEX)
Search (INT)
Intimidation (CHA)
Athletics (STR)

Tool Proficiencies (proficiency bonus +2)
Light Armour
Thieves’ Tools
Simple Weapons (long sword, rapier, short sword, hand crossbow)
Disguise Kit
Forgery Kit
Small Drum

0E: Darkvision
0E: Fey Ancestry – advantage on SAV versus charm, can’t be magicked to sleep
1B: False Identity
1B: Spellcasting (3 spell slots)
1B: Bardic Inspiration – Add 1d6 to roll for ally
1R: Sneak Attack – 1d6 damage on attack with advantage – using finesse or ranged
1R: Thieves’ Cant – Rogues’ weird language
2B: Jack of all Trades – can add 1/2 prof bonus to unskilled rolls
2B: Song of Rest – can use music to help regain HP
3B: Additional L1 and 2xL2 Spell Slots = 4xL1 and 2xL2
3B: Cutting Words – attack/ability/damage can use reaction to expend one use of Bardic Inspiration to subtract from the creatures roll. Immune if can’t hear or can’t be charmed.

L0 Minor illusion
L0 Message (copper wire)
L1 Charm person
L1 Disguise Self
L1 Featherfall
L1 Comprehend Languages (Soot and Salt)
L1 Illusory Script (ink worth 10 GP)
L2 Suggestion
L2 Detect Thoughts

Fine Clothes
Disguise Kit
Leather Armour
Signet ring of an imaginary Duke
Rapier (1d8 piercing, finesse)
Dagger (1d4 piercing, finesse, light, thrown – 20/60 range)
Diplomat’s Pack
Coin – see additional log


Bardic College
College of Lore (+3 Skill proficiencies)


  • Hates to repeat a con, she’s easily bored and likes devising new swindles.
  • Likes to steal from ‘those who can afford it’ – particularly elven nobility


  • Constantly in debt, has a weakness for pretty things and can’t help spending any money earned on new baubles and clothes.
  • Can’t resist a pretty face – easily distracted
  • Likes a challenge, if presented with an interesting puzzle finds it hard to resist even if she thinks it might get her into trouble.
  • Similarly finds it hard to resist the opportunity to try to get one over on someone ‘who deserves it’

I am going to tweak this to be a little more story like but for now bullets should contain the main points.

  • Parents: mother – human actress, Vannozza diCantucci, father – elven minor scion of House Elgerianor, Cardinale Angael Elgerianor.
  • Given an elven first name by her smitten mother – refuses to use it.
  • After the death of her mother, when she was 10, raised and trained within the Teatro Sul Fiume (Theatre on the River) the third largest theatre in the city of Catarina.
  • Has a personal grievance against House Elgerianor for her father’s abandonment of her mother.
  • Was involved romantically with Svalbard the Barred Bard Barbarian during which time she
    was asked by House Faron to get Svalbard to throw the fight – he refused and she neglected to mention this and bet on him and made a lot of money – had to leave quickly afterwards, he has managed to retain good ties. Svalbard and Cici didn’t talk after this and only work together at the Thieves’ Guild reluctantly.
  • Briefly worked with Luca Adessi in a relatively low level con on the cities gaming houses. Parted ways partly because Cici got bored with running the same con, ‘draping’ isn’t that much of a challenge.
  • Like to use identities and ruses to trick her way into the lives of her marks make her money. Fan of the long con.
  • Has a false identity as, Vana Silivren a minor cousin from House Silivren, their position within the city is insignificant enough to allow her to blend in and not attract the wrong notice but still allow access to the upper echelons of society.

Miriel Narcissa "Cici" diCantucci

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