Svälbard the Barred Barbarian

Angry young dragonborn


Race: Dragonborn

Class: Barbarian

Background: Entertainer (Gladiator)

STR: 16 (3)
DEX: 14 (2)
CON: 14 (2)
WIS: 8 (-1)
INT: 9 (-1)
CHR: 14 (2)

Skill Proficiencies:

Tool Proficiencies:
Disguise Kit
AN INSTRUMENT I THINK?!? – or is this replaced by the gladitorial weapon?


By Popular Demand – can find a place to perform in any place that features fighting as entertainment.


  • Stands up for the little folks. Will go out of his way to look out for the city’s dispossessed/disenfranchised
  • Fucks up the big folks. Will go out of his way to screw with the city’s elite.
  • Doing the right thing with violence – when I perform in the fighting pit I teach people that force of arms can be noble and righteous (basically, he’s a babyface wrestler).


  • Quick to anger. Will usually be the first to throw a punch/escalate a situation. Will never turn down a fight.
  • Tunnel-visioned. Can get too hung up on certain goals/missions – especially when a grudge is involved.
  • Careless tongue. Tends to offend powerful people.


  • Docker’s Guild – still just about on their good side due to pit fighting popularity.
  • House Gwenyrost – some of the few poeple who are nice to dragonborn.


  • House Faron – He’s mad at them cos they killed his parents. They’re mad at him cos he humiliated one of their pit fighters while yelling “Screw you, House Faron!”. Cos he’s subtle-like…
  • Tavern Owners – he keeps getting into fights in their taverns and is never sure which ones he’s barred from…

Spiked chain
Barbarian Fighting Costume
Navy blue common clothes (with hood/bandana)
5 javelins
2 nets
mess kit
grappling hook
2 bags ball bearings
10 torches
2 bags caltrops
10 days rations
2 sets manacles
50 foot rope


Catarina. City of riches. City of fortune. City of bloody opportunity, yeah?

Like, that’s what we tell the bloomin’ tourists.

That’s what they told my parents.

Let me tell you the secret, yeah? The secret of Catarina.

This is the city of bastards.

My folks, they thought they were clever. They thought they was ruthless. I still remember them looking down on me with their warm red eyes and being all like: “we have spotted a gap in the market and we, little Svalbard, are gonna be well rich.”

My scaly arse, we were.

The reason there was a gap in the market, was cos the Farons had cornered it and were bloody sure they were gonna keep it.

I was the only one what survived the fire.

I was five.

I spent the next few years in a work house. And if I weren’t, like, already fucked off enough about my family, I was well mad by the time they chucked me out. (I broke the supervisor’s bleedin’ arm, didn’t I? Not my fault – he took the whip to my mate Lucia)

I got, like, a job and that with one of the local tavern-owners. He had this racket where he gave folks what came in from outside the city bad directions, yeah, and they’d wind up in a dark alley with yours truly. It didn’t…it didn’t sit quite right, y’know? Kept seeing me parents faces as I knocked the poor suckers on the bonce. But I wasn’t sure what to do about it, yeah?

Then…then me and some mates went to one of the fighting pits. There was this lady, this real character, yeah? She was taking on all comers. The crowd was cheering like anything and there was blood in the air and these people she was fighting were, like, obviously right bastards. And she was winning.

I went right back to the tavern and broke both my boss’s legs. And the next day I entered me first pit fight.

Like, I did alright at first, but I wasn’t nothing special. Not til Cici came along. She taught me about acting, yeah? Taught me how to put on makeup and costume and how to create a character.

So Svälbard start talking in third person and make big fuss bout his noble ancestry while he smash in heads. Crowds start cheering for Svälbard. Svälbard champion of the people.

Svälbard also get very drunk very often because Svälbard kind of hates himself.

I didn’t hate Cici, though. She was, like, the first person in bleedin’ ages I didn’t hate.

I didn’t-hate her a lot. She was the not-hate of my life.

And we were doing, like, really well. Like, I was winning some of the time, but she had me lose on purpose a whole lot, yeah, and after a few of those we were well minted.

Then…came that fight.

The Docker’s Guild told me I was gonna lose. And…I really meant to. Like, I was totally gonna. Then I found out the other fighter, chap called Benzio Blackjack, was on the House Faron payroll.

Once I was myself again, yeah, it was already over. I had shivved Benzio right up and, like, he only survived because there was this priest nearby who was all like “in the name of wossisname I heal thee” and his hands were glowing and it was well bright (I found out later he lost a LOT of money betting on Benzio and I bought him a beer – top bloke actually, we still have a pint down the pits sometimes). And, like, the Dockers wanted to know who had bollocksed up the plan. So I was all like “I dunno what you mean, Cici said I was s’posed to win…”

Cici could tell which way the wind was blowing and she scarpered.

I think I missed her.

I think that’s what all the violence was about.

I will admit, I don’t recall a lot of it cos I was well bladdered, but I do recall waking up one day and being like, “Shit the bed, I must be barred from every bar in this city…”

By then I was doing side-jobs in the Thieves’ Guild to pay all the repair costs (at first I was like, am I bothered? Then I got well thirsty…). One night, when I was a bit wankered, I decided it was a well good idea to do a smash’n’grab in this town house that belonged to one of the House Faron asshats.

Like, it was going proper well until the guards turned up and I was barricaded in the cellar. That’s when Screech turned up and was all like “you’re a proper moron” and I was like “yeah I know” and they were like “so you want out or what?” and I was like “I can FUCKING TAKE THEM” and they was like “ok then” and I was like “actually I’m starting to sober up and I’m tired and I kinda wanna get home” and they was like “come on then” and we went home through the sewers and it was proper rank.

After that I started to wise up a bit.

I got more involved with the Thieves’ Guild and started using the extra gelt to fund some of House Gwenyrost’s outreach programmes. But, like, they are well poor these days so they need more.

I hear the Thieves’ Guild have a big job coming up, but, like, Cici is already on the crew and she is still well miffed at me. But we both need the money, so we figure we can make it work.

And you know what?

I still don’t hate her.

Svälbard the Barred Barbarian

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