Thieves' Guild

Valentine's Journal - 1

Dear journal,

It has now been precisely 5 years since The Injustice.

5 is, of course, the number of change according to the old elven superstition, and this being the 5th month of the old dwarven calendar, this is clearly a time of some significance.

It was fitting then, that this anniversary brought with it a new venture, a new opportunity and new people to untangle.

This came in the form of a new cleaning engagement. A classic, in fact: a ragtag band, a friend’s betrayal, an unfortunate body. Summoned from the Hole in the Wall, we disguised their chief villain as a guard, collected the deceased and brought it to a temple known by a curious little member of the band.

The temple was one known to me, I had read of it in a book and knew it in my bones. They ensured the right rites were done and the body was disposed of in a fashion the law would be happy to know about. The next of kin, A woman most renowned in her field, was notified and arrived.

The curious little one was intrigued by the patterns of Istus’ cradle. Does this mean my fate is already in sync with theirs?

We retired for the evening.

Coincidences and portents seen today: three pigeons strutting on a signpost of Thrice Fouled Street. A rock not native to the city in an alleyway near none of the gates. A cart whose wheels squeaked in perfect time to an ancient funeral chant to Pellor.

I am intrigued to see where this new knotty situation takes me. We are meeting tomorrow with A courteous lady to discuss things further.


Screech's Logbook2
Game two summary

(to be refined)

Sold rats for 2 coppers per rat plus free breakfast. Had 6 rats so that means 12cp. This is a standing deal I have with the dwarves, if I bring them rats, they buy plus I get a free meal.

Told Svalbard and Pauwels about what I found in the pub/temple. Pauwels told me to go and bury the coin and the paper somewhere super safe so I did.

Came back. They asked me to go stake out the Skull and Scythe pub so I did that. Saw a scruffy human boy turn up with a cart loaded with barrels labelled as ale (same labelling as I saw last night). Knocked on door, large gentleman from last night opens door looking contemptuous like he’d been woken up. Points round back. Boy rolls 6 barrels round into the alleyway one by one, hear clunking sounds, then boy rolls 6 barrels back seemingly much lighter (presumably empty) loads up onto the cart, fiddles with some kind of pouch. Then leaves.

A little while later, an old guy turns up, sits outside and starts smoking pipe. Eventually door opens and same larger guy looks around, and gestures old guy inside. More people turn up in dribs and drabs, none look particularly noteworthy. Generally all old blokes, mostly human, one dwarf, one shorter person of indeterminate species.

Sneak out to check the beer/monster hatch and find it’s locked again.

Go back to hiding place, continue watching and eventually see someone who looks a bit odd turn up. Wearing clothes that look maybe Southerner-ish? Rich fabrics, sleeveless tunic, baggy trousers, reds and oranges. He knocks and goes inside, then almost immediately comes back out. I follow him completely unnoticed towards the docks.

Southerner guy goes aboard a ship at the far end of the docks and comes back out with two other similarly dressed guys carrying a big crate. Follow them back to the Skull and Scythe again unnoticed. Decide to report back to Svalbard and Pauwels with what I’ve seen.

Svalbard comes up with a plan to go to the pub and make a big distraction while I sneak in downstairs and see what I can scope out inside. Pauwels gets to the pub first and starts chatting to people and being friendly like he is. Svalbard turns up with a bouquet of javelins for bodyguard lady and makes a lot of noise and a fuss about wanting to see her. I sneak downstairs to where the pit fights happened successfully unseen.

The two extra Southerner men from earlier are standing guard, no-one else is about. I use Druidcraft and Minor Illusion to snuff out the candles one by one, make a gust of chilling wind, a noise of scratching and whispering, and a smell like corpses. They freak out and start banging on the door causing the first man to come rushing out with Mr Bronzebottom and Carla. They are not impressed at being disturbed.

Continue fake haunting and cause lots of arguments and stife between the first Southerner man and his guards. Mr Bronzebottom goes back in and Carla stays just outside in the doorway.

Pauwels hears the shouting and comes downstairs. He realises what is happening and offers to perform an exorcism. Convinces Carla that it’s necessary to protect Mr Bronzebottom. While they are distracted with that I sneak in and place a charm spell on Mr Bronzebottom so he kind of trusts me. Convince him I’m the scruffy beer delivery kid from earlier and that I need help to find a token from my dead parents that I lost in the beer cellar room.

On the way out he sees the exorcism and asks what’s going on. I do Minor Illusion again to create scratching sounds and freak everyone out more. Encouraging him to run into the beer cellar room and then eventually out of the hatch.

I convince him not to go down to the docks as he might be in danger there, but to come with me to a safe place I know.

I lead him down back alleys to the a Theives Guild hideout where I hope Luca will be.

Screech's Logbook
Event One Summary

(To be refined – posted for referencing for the moment)

Pickpocketed a coin purse. Got 3GP (Luca took 1GP for some reason).

Now have 30GP buried in various small amounts around the city, plus an extra pouch.

Picked up lots of dead rats from the sewer.

Got dragged out of tavern for waving around dead rats. Dragged a single broken old boot off someone in death tavern while being dragged out.

Powel gave me a piece of string!

Pickpocketed a drink man weeing. Took his whole belt, with a pouch and small eating knife on it. Pouch had 1GP in coppers and silvers.

Now have 31GP.

Hid in the shadows and stayed behind in death tavern after Svalbard’s pitfight.

Investigated stone dias. Found Elvish writing underneath the sand where Svalvard fought. Copied down writing on the back of a beer stained prices list using centipeetle ichor.

Three doors in pitfighting arena.

Checked out door on far right. Was unlocked and lead to bar storage room full of beer barrels etc. Also had hatch in ceiling that lead out into alley where I saw centipeedle lowered in. Left hatch unlocked.

Tried to check out door in middle where animal cages came out of. Locked. Tried to pick lock with thieves tools. Failed.

Door on far left was where Bronzebottom went. Did spell to detect magic and discovered it has a magic lock. Tried to get cockroach friend to open the lock but he wasn’t strong enough or didn’t understand. Didn’t want to pick the lock in case set off charm.

Detect magic spell also revealed shiny gold enchanted coin hidden in the dirt near the dias.

found where centipede went into beer cellar room left unlocked

Cast detect magic

Lock on door on far left had side that the dwarf guy went into has magical aura has an abjuration aura (protection)

Also some kind of magic aura in the mud with enchantment aura

Dig into mud and find a gold coin with magical aura looks like it’s been newly minted, pristine, but otherwise regular gold coin – put in it’s own special pouch

Paper written in Elvish – “for the glory of Neral”, given to Luca, then read by Cici who got very angry/scared


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